hybrid fiber optic cable

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    hybrid fiber cable Copper wire power Photoelectric composite cables (also known as photoelectric composite cable) is normally with 1 square(mm2),1.5 square(mm2),2 square(mm2),2.5 square(mm2),3 square(mm2) copper as a new access network system  for  communication
    It can solve the problems of broadband access, equipment power consumption and signal transmission simultaneously by combining copper wire with optical fiber.
    Due to the development of the Internet of things, the application of 4G / 5G base station, WiFi equipment, security equipment, traffic monitoring equipment and climate detection system in the enterprise park is gradually increasing. Therefore, it is necessary to solve the problem of power supply and adopt photoelectric hybrid networking solution.This is the networking mode of "optical composite cable + outdoor ONU + network cable jumper + terminal equipment",Long-distance transmission to the multi-functional smart pole through the photoelectric composite cable, and the photoelectric composite cable + outdoor ONU is configured on the multi-functional smart pole. This provides signal transmission and power supply for a variety of terminal devices. This solution can meet the requirements of high bandwidth equipment, while reducing the use of cables, in the park wiring and urban infrastructure construction, will be more and more popular.


    1. Photoelectric integration solves the problems of power consumption and signal transmission of equipment, and provides centralized monitoring and maintenance of equipment power supply

    2. Improve the manageability of power supply, reduce power supply coordination and maintenance

    3. It is mainly used to connect BBU and RRU in DC remote supply system of distributed base station