OPGW fiber optic cable

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    The optical fiber is placed in the ground wire of the overhead high-voltage transmission line for constituting the optical fiber communication network on the transmission wire. This structural has the double functions of the ground wire and communication. It is generally called OPGW cable.

    Center tube OPGW cable

    1, Using the design of stranding the stainless steel tube fiber unit and other metal wire in the same time.

    2, The precise design of optical cable section ensured the electrical properties, mechanical and physical properties and thermal stability of optical cable.

    Application Characteristic:

    1、According to the technical conditions of the wire, combine the proportion of aluminum and steel section area in the premise of not changing the structure of the cable, so that to get product that meet the technical requirements of the wire.

    2、The structure of thin-walled stainless steel tube OPGW cable has better lateral compression and impact resistance than aluminum tube;Also the material of stainless steel has the characteristic of low conductivity, high strength, excellent corrosion resistance to ensure well protection of the fiber.

    3、Stainless steel tube filled with ointment can prevent moisture or moisture infiltration;The temperature characteristics of the optical cable can be improved by adjusting the residual length of optical fiber.

    4、Aluminum clad steel wire with high strength and low conductivity undertakes OPGW dead weight and external load;

    Using the principle of charge skin effect, overload or fault short-circuit current is channeled through the outer good conductor, which is beneficial to the protection of optical fiber.

    5、The cable has similar mechanical and electrical characteristics with the conventional overhead ground wire. It is convenient for the replacement of the old ground wire, the design and installation of the new ground wire. It has the dual functions of ground wire and communication.

    6Fiber allowance can be precisely controlled to ensure the cable's ability to withstand high loads and long spans.